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Urinary Cathers – Catheterization Supplies

Urological Cather - Catheterization SuppliesUrological catheters are designed to empty the bladder when it is unable to function properly due to surgery, incontinence, urinary retention, or other medical conditions or urological disorders. Catheterization can prevent the bladder distention and urinary retention associated with certain types of surgery, spinal injuries, kidney dysfunction, and other urological disorders.

Because catheter use can be associated with a higher risk of urinary tract infections, proper handling is critical. Rather than washing and reusing a catheter, using a new intermittent catheter for each use is the safest, healthiest option for most. Our Medical Supply Company offers a full range of urological and ostomy supplies for your personal and professional health care needs, including:

  • The indwelling catheter, which is for long-term use
  • Condom or male catheters, which is for comfortable external use
  • Female catheters, which can be either intermittent or indwelling in design
  • The intermittent catheter, which is for those on a more regimented program

AA Supply Solutions is a urological catheterization supply company that carries a range of sizes as well as materials such as silicone, Teflon, and latex. We will work closely with you to determine which items will best suit your needs, and we can fill small or bulk orders for your personal or nursing facility use.

Contact AA Supply Solutions today to learn more about your options for catheters and other medical supplies, or if you are ready, simply place your order when you call.

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