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External Catheter

External Catheters – Catheterization Supplies

External Catheters - Catheterization SuppliesMale catheters, which can also be called condom catheters, work similarly to traditional catheters. They are designed for those with urological disorders but tend to be more convenient to use. A male catheter fits directly over the penis and is designed similar to a condom. This type of catheter is available in five separate sizes for the perfect fit and made of latex, silicone or polyvinyl material to limit sensitivity issues. Adhesive, cuffs, or sheath fasteners keep the catheter securely in place.

A condom catheter reduces the risk of urinary tract infections by eliminating the need for the insertion of a tube into the urethra, and it allows the urine to pass directly into the leg collection or drainage bag. They are painless, easy to wear, and easy to conceal. External catheters can provide increased mobility and wear times, all while providing enhanced security and comfort.

AA Supply Solutions has a wide range of catheter and ostomy supplies available for either your personal or professional needs. We sell medical supplies in bulk or individually and can help with all your male or female catheterization needs.

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