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Self Catheterization (self cath)

Catheters – Self Catheterization Supplies

Catheters - Self Catheterization SuppliesIntermittent self-catheterization can help individuals who suffer from urological issues such as incontinence or urinary retention to safely control their urinary symptoms. By regularly emptying their bladders and relieving excess bladder pressure they are able to reduce their risk of urinary tract infections, kidney damage, and bladder distention. Self cath also eliminates the necessity of using indwelling, or Foley catheters. Proper catheterization can allow these individuals to enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle.

This type of catheter used at home is generally designed for a single use, is sterile and is discreetly disposable. Like other urological medical supplies, they are available in a range of sizes for both male and female use and a variety of materials for those who may have skin sensitivities.

The coude intermittent catheter has a tapered or curved tip for easier insertion that can dramatically reduce discomfort for those who suffer from urethral strictures or enlarged prostates. Another option for easier insertion is the hydrophilic intermittent catheter. These have a special, slippery coating and are prepackaged in sterile water or a closed-system kit for safety.

AA Supply Solutions can fulfill catheter supply orders for both individuals and professionals. Contact us today to learn more or simply place your order.

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