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Ostomy Supplies

What exactly does ostomy mean? An ostomy is a round or oval surgical opening that allows for the emptying of bodily fluids and wastes. Ostomy supplies are medically necessary and usually used for the three primary types of ostomies, including ileostomies, colostomies, and urostomies. The right ostomy accessories are essential for proper care and Active American Medical Supply is proud to carry them all. Ostomy supplies are usually covered for use on patients with a surgically created opening (a stoma) to divert urine, or fecal contents outside of the body.

Having an ostomy impacts your life, but living with one has never been easier. The system you choose should be easy to use and work with your lifestyle.  How do you know what is the best product for you?  Things to consider when choosing the right product(s) are the size, shape and location of your stoma, the type of ostomy you have, how many times per day you have to empty your pouch and the condition of your peristomal skin.

AA Supply Solutions specializes in providing high quality ostomy supplies and accessories to meet your needs. You will never have to worry about complicated purchasing processes again with our simple, discreet ordering service and fast, direct shipping.

AA Supply Solutions offers a full range of ostomy supplies and accessories, including:

  • Two-Piece Systems: Drainable Pouches; Closed-End Pouches; Urostomy Pouches
  • One-Piece Systems: Drainable Pouches; Closed-End Pouches; Urostomy Pouches
  • Wafers | Skin Barrier
  • Ostomy Belts
  • Ostomy Powder
  • Skin Barrier Wipes
  • Deodorizer Drops
  • Stoma Paste
  • Waterproof Tape

Contact AA Supply Solutions today to learn more about our extensive selection of catheter products, ostomy supplies, incontinence supplies and enteral nutrition products.

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